Abhishek Dutta

Rockstar Designers ka Sach: Unveiling the Truth About Top-notch Designers

Hello Folks,

Welcome to this new category of “Founder Talks”, jahan hum baat karenge about work, design and everything connected to the world of design. This is the first post of I don’t know “how many”. So without further ado, let’s begin.

In this blog, we will talk about my experience of working with “faadu” (fantastic) designers. And I will try break down on 5 qualities that make them “faadu”.

1. Team Game Over Lone Genius (Not an akela chana) (Need tooltip: Kyunki akela chana kabhi bhaad nahi fod skta)

Myth: The best designer must be the "best" in the room.

Haqiqat (Reality): Top designers samajhte hain ki building a product and shipping them for users is a team game. They don't chase personal glory; instead, they focus on collaborative success. Aise designers jo team ke sath mil kar kaam karte hain, they truly shine! They are “faadu”.

2. ROI and User-Centered Conversations over Dribbble face-offs

Myth: Top designers want to make the best piece of work for their next Dribbble upload.

Haqiqat (Reality): Asli talent is in flipping conversations to demonstrate ROI (Return on Investment), and User-Centered designs. Ye designers samajhte hain ki design ka asar users ke behaviour par and  business par kaise padta hai, and they communicate this effectively. Unka approach always brings in practicality, and isn’t just theoretical.

3. Business Literacy Aligns with Design Success

Myth: Designers often struggle to align their success with business metrics.

Haqiqat (Reality): The real deal? Strong business literacy plus the ability to prove how design influences business outcomes. Aisa designer who understands the biz side of things can make a real impact.

4. Shipped Work (Impact) over Just a Shiny Portfolio

Myth: An always updated portfolio is a must. Pehlech chance me behance update.

Haqiqat (Reality): What's more important? Dikhana (showing) shipped work, raw files, and the real journey of a project. It's not just about the final product, but the process bhi important hai.

5. Be Genuine rather than just Fitting in.

Myth: Following others, not trying to make things stand out, and being similar is best.

Haqiqat (Reality): Embrace who you are, unapologetically. Jo designers apni uniqueness ko embrace karte hain, basically ungli karte hai, they bring fresh perspectives to the table.

Here at Team Codesign, I have had the chance to work with the best set of people who have remained true to their personal beliefs. They derive inspiration from various aspects of their life and work, creating a rich tapestry of creativity and practicality.

So, next time you're hiring a team, look beyond the conventional wisdom. Dekho un qualities ko jo asli impact create karti hain!

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