UX audit

Identify pain points in your product

Discover how you can improve your digital products

With TCD, you can quickly figure out gaps in your website/app overall experience, thereby finding immediate solutions for improvement. Consistency in UX design significantly influences the website/app experience for users. Any changes in this experience can affect users’ trust and preferences negatively.

The UX audit process offers an objective and comprehensive view of products' positives and negatives and gives an actionable design direction to businesses.

What is UX audit?

User audit or User Experience Audit is essentially a method to identify and pinpoint the troublesome areas of a digital product. Also known as usability audit, it is an attempt to reveal which parts of a website or app are creating issues for users and coming in the way of conversions.

Put, UI/UX audit evaluates the user interface of a website or a mobile app. It’s an excellent tool for businesses who want to identify usability issues in their digital products. In addition, it can help identify problem areas that make users abandon their digital journey and leave the website or app in the middle.

Like financial audits, a UX audit process conducted by UX/UI experts or UX audit agencies also uses different empirical methods to expand on an existing situation and offer appropriate recommendations for improvements or user-centric enhancements. During the process of UX audit, a UX auditor or UX audit companies typically use a variety of tools, methods, and metrics to analyze the issues with a product. Some of these include-

  • Conversion metrics

  • Review of business and user objectives

  • Sales/customer care data

  • Compliance with UX standards

  • Usability heuristics

  • UX best practices

  • Wireframing & prototyping

Why your business needs a UX Audit?

UX audit service is essential to identify where a user is struggling with your product and then create a clear roadmap for improvements. At TCD, our UX experts will help you will discover:

Why do your users find it hard to perform a task?
How to increase conversions on your website/app?
Why your user retention is low?

Ultimately, our UX and process will let you know how to make it simpler for users to achieve their end goals and increase the conversion and success rate.

What to expect from TCD
UX audit services?

Here, we’ve outlined the step-wise procedure that is included in a TCD’s UX audit services. However, it is important to remember that each of these tasks can be scaled up or down based on time and budget constraints.
Here is a step by step procedure TCD conduct during a UI/UX audit:

1. Understand the goals
Our UX/UI experts first discuss the key business and usability objectives with all the stakeholders involved.

2. Record all the findings
Our UX experts create an evaluation document that records the key UX/UI obstacles and various gaps in hierarchy, style, and typography.

3. Do a review of the website/app
Leveraging the heuristics evaluation and design principles framework, customer journey, and brand guidelines are then evaluated to review the website/app.

4. Recommend solutions
The last step at TCD is to suggest solutions, clear roadmaps, and strategic design directions as a detailed report.

What are the deliverables?

TCD will help you in achieving the following UX audit deliverables much faster-

  • Better conversion rate

  • On point information that is easier to understand

  • Contemporary design and faster task completion

  • Reduced chances of human errors

  • Easier to achieve end goals

  • Less time consumption

  • Less user frustration leading to satisfied/happy customers

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