Terms & Conditions

The below conditions have been construed under IndianLaw and apply to all individuals, businesses or companies (Client/s) engaging the services of Teamcodesign, its contractors, subcontractors and employees (Team Codesign) unless otherwise agreed to in writing by both parties.

  1.  These Terms and Conditions cover all Contracts entered into by a Client with Team Codesign for services relating to design, web sites, brand identity, illustrations, images and photography 
  2.  These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notification by Team Codesign. 
  3.  These Terms and Conditions apply to Team Codesign and all of its contractors and subsidiaries.
  4.  Team Codesign and the Client will attend an initial consultation at no charge to the Client. This can be held via phone or in person. A (Brief) will be constructed through the collection of logos and designs. This will assist in the evaluation and formulation of the Client’s business design requirements. 
  5.  Any additional work, revisions or variations outside of the original Visual Brief will be charged extra accordingly.. All prices exclude GST. Additional expenses will be charged accordingly.
  6.  Quotations are generated by Team Codesign on the basis of the Brief and expected time investment. Quotations may be subject to change if additional work is required.
  7.  All time quotations are an estimate and are based on calendar working (business) days.
  8.  Team Codesign reserves the right to request a deposit from the Client prior to starting work on their project. If a deposit is requested by Team Codesign, an invoice will be generated and delivered to client via email and payment is expected. By remitting deposit funds to Team Codesign, the Client is accepting the Terms and Conditions and entering a contract with Team Codesign.
  9.  If a deposit is not requested, the Client is considered to accept the Terms and Conditions upon request of services/work from Team Codesign.
  10.  Team Codesign reserves the right to not proceed with these services until payment has been received in full from the Client.
  11.  Team Codesign reserves the right to invoice for work completed if the project exceeds 60 days. 
  12.  The Client reserves the right to request a payment plan which may be accepted by Team Codesign at its discretion. All payment plans must be agreed to both parties in writing.
  13.  All prices quoted on Team Codesign’s web site and advertising material include delivery and exclude GST. 
  14. All payments are to be made within 30 days of invoicing. 
  15.  Team Codesign is entitled to charge the Client for any fees incurred relating to commencement of collection and recovery processes for accounts that remain unpaid in excess of 30 days.
  16.  Team Codesign reserves the right to delete web sites with accounts with more than 90 days outstanding payment.
  17.  Team Codesign reserves the right to charge additional costs if the Client requests amendments to the the original project outcome.
  18.  The Client agrees and accepts that Team Codesign is not legally responsible for any loss or damage suffered or incurred related to use of any of The Companies services, whether from amendments, errors or omissions in documents, designs, information or services we are offered by Team Codesign. This includes the Clients use or reliance on any third party content, links, comments or advertisements. The Clients use of, or reliance on, any information or materials Team Codesign produces, amends or designs is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable.
  19.  It shall be the clients own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information you use meet their specific requirements.
  20.  The Client acknowledges that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and expressly exclude liability of Team Codesign for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  21.  Clients who choose to submit their own Artwork, files and/or images are solely responsible for the end result of printing. Customers are reminded to submit print-ready Artwork with the correct specifications. We will print the Client’s submission as requested however Team Codesign is not responsible for Artwork mistakes. Team Codesign is also not liable for supplied file errors. There will be no reprints at our expense.
  22.  Team Codesign does not take any responsibility for Trademarking of any kind.  It is the client's responsibility to check trademarking laws and existing Trademarks for availability.
  23.  All time quotations are an estimate and are based on calendar working (business) days. 
  24.  The Client agrees to allow Team Codesign to add a small credit on the customer’s website. This will be in the form of a small line of text placed towards the bottom of the page.
  25.  The Client also agrees to allow Team Codesign to place websites and other designs, along with a link to the Client’s site on Team Codesign’s own website for self-promotional purposes., unless agreed to by both parties in writing beforehand.
  26.  Upon completion of web site build, Team Codesign will provide the Client with opportunity to review the resulting work. Team Codesign will make one set of minor changes at no extra cost within 14 days of submission to Client for review (‘review period’).
  27.  Minor changes include small textual changes and small adjustments to placement of items on the page. Minor changes do not include alteration or replacement of images, colour schemes or any navigation features.
  28. Team Codesign can be notified of any minor requested changes by email. Team Codesign will consider that the Client has accepted the original draft if no notification of changes is received in writing from the Client within 14 days of the start of the review period.
  29.  Team Codesign builds web sites according to the trends of SEO at the time of building. We will help you to explore your keywords/key phrases; however final key phrase choice is the responsibility of the Client.
  30.  If the Client is dissatisfied with web site listings, the Client can complete steps out lined in our “helping yourself” worksheet.  Client can then contact Team Codesign to arrange an evaluation of web site.
  31. Team Codesign takes no responsibility for duplicate content found on the Clients website or if the website is search engine black listed due to the written content or images of their site.
  32. The Client is to refer to hosting and domain name providers for queries regarding the following services:  Domain names, Hosting and registration, SSL certificates, Email addresses and Email hosting.
  33. The Client is to refer to their technical support company for queries regarding the following services and their applicable Terms & Conditions: Set up of email addresses, Emails going to Spam/ Junk, Email not functioning and Email Signatures
  34.  Team Codesign does not provide the following services: Domain names, Hosting and registration, SSL certificates, Email addresses, Email hosting, Setup of email addresses, Emails errors of any kind and Email Signatures
  35. Team Codesign holds no responsibility if your email addresses are targeted with spam as it is outside of our control. Team Codesign holds no responsibility if the Client’s email account details are attained and used to send spam or malicious material.
  36. CMS Content Management Systems websites are delivered in an agreed working order. Any changes to the working files or configuration of the CMS that are done by a third party to Team Codesign are the responsibility of the site owner.
  37.  Web sites are built using the latest software available at the time. All website terms and conditions also apply to CMS.
  38. Team Codesign does not hold responsibility for any content posted on the client’s website. Any changes to the CMS after delivery will be charged accordingly. Any repercussions of the advancements in the CMS or server/hosting technology are not the responsibility of Team Codesign. 
  39. Team Codesign does not hold any responsibility for misuse of the CMS or website. 
  40. Team Codesign does not back up web site content and cannot be held liable for partial or complete loss of data. It is the Client’s responsibility to back up their web site.