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What is UX strategy?

UX Strategy is, in essence, the application of UX design to a broader business strategy. It is a game plan that answers the how, when, who, why and what of a project and shows the path to the desired output.

In simpler words, User Experience Strategies are principles that place a company's brand values, identity, business model, and customer touchpoints under the same roof.

The Codesign way

Our synergy strategy.

Our tried and tested 3-step process at Team Codesign allows us to empower your brand with suitable UX end to end!

Here’s how we do it:

1. Discovery Session
Our UX expert team at TCD will kickstart the project with a discovery session.

In this session, we interact with your team, company executives, and stakeholders to identify and pinpoint business problems and opportunities that can be solved using a well-crafted and smartly curated UX strategy.

This also allows us to digest your company’s vision, mission, and values to accurately deliver a tailor-made UX solution for your brand and all digital assets.

2. Research and Formulation
In the research and formulation phase, UX and UI experts at Team Codesign will assist you in the following aspects:

  • Reveal the ROI of design for your business

  • Define SMART goals

  • Quantify business goals

  • List relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Get rid of vanity metrics

  • Gather consumer insights

And much more!

Using all this information, TCD puts together a bespoke and clear-cut UX strategy in a streamlined and flawless fashion. The methodology also helps the UX gurus at TCD eliminate unproductive designing hours and extra iterations of wireframes and designs.

3. Develop and Deliver
Finally, with all the data gathered by the UX Strategists, TCD will develop a unique and impactful UX strategy that works exclusively for your business.

The deliverables will help you overpower your competitors, deliver an unparalleled consumer experience, make the right business decisions in the future that are aligned with the brand and UX, and more.

What are the deliverables?

Digital Assets
All digital assets and source files created during the course of the UX strategy project will be securely handed over with proper organization for easy access.

What comes after UX Strategy?

After successfully forming your UX strategy, the experts at TCD will begin creating visual assets and elements for your brand, followed by wireframing and testing.

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