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Team Codesign founder: Abhishekkumar Dutta
Team Codesign in action. Our team of UX designers working from cafe.
Meet our team. Happy moments.
Coding the way it should be.


We were a remote team way before it was cool to be a remote team.

Team Codesign came into being in the year 2017. Starting from the humble and small town of Nagpur, Maharashtra, Team Codesign was started by two young designers - Abhishek and Rumana with the mission of delivering design experiences together. As the name suggests, we are a Team of creative people who believe in the concept of co-designing i.e. including everyone, right from the designers, developers to our clients in our design process.

We believe it’s all about cultivating long-lasting relationships, noteworthy products, & memorable experiences. Long nights, coffee cups, group calls, and above all PASSION has led us here — the Passion for design.

Over the years, we have worked with a variety of real startups to understand the culture of the design ecosystem across the globe. We have worked with the smallest of ideas and transformed them into amazing designs. Along with making our clients' lives easier, our designs have incredibly impacted the lives of millions across the globe. And we have achieved all this while operating 100% remotely!

We are still a small yet curious team of creative, self-driven people who are always on the lookout to explore new things and seek distinct roles. We are always looking for opportunities to partner with innovators, entrepreneurs who are trying to change the world for good. Alongside startups, we also have great experience in handling enterprise-level projects.

If you're a business/individual looking for an agency that can contribute to changing the world, one design at a time, we'd love to be your design partner!

Meet the Team







Mandar Kshirsagar


Shardul Durge


Sachin Zade


Abhishek Dutta


Rumana Shaikh


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  • Shardul Durge
    Engagement Lead, Trekker
  • Abhishek Dutta
    UX Strategist, Singer
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