Amlan Sarkar

Why should start-ups see UX designers as a good investment?

We have come a long way since our ancient predecessors’ used the barter system as their mode of transactions. In today’s fast-moving digital world, customers or rather the users control everything. Entrepreneurs all over the world are working frantically towards providing the best possible user experience to their customers. Now, when people begin running a startup, their immediate attention is generally centred around the basic necessities of funding and other essential basic factors of running a business. Hiring UX designers may often be the last thing on the minds of many such startup entrepreneurs. However, in view of the present scenario of according top priority to the user experience at all levels of an organization, investment on hiring a UX designer even in a small startup gradually is becoming an indispensable option. Let us examine the benefits entrepreneurs are able to extract upon investing in UX design.

In the words of a layman, UX design can be defined as a process which makes sure that the users can have the best possible experience with a product/service, endorse it to his friends and come back to enjoy even more. When a UX designer begins creating a design, his first task is to understand the requirements of the prospective end users. The user interface is designed taking into consideration several factors. A UX designer collectively takes note of what a customer wants, does, sees, thinks, feels and likes. All these elements are then carefully evaluated to make that interface after due deliberation on the layout, visual design, text, brand, sound and interaction. A UX design is thus created after exhaustive coordination of all these elements so that it can provide the best possible experience to its users.

There are a number of benefits that can be extracted on account of a good UX design. These are as follows:

Optimization of Customer Satisfaction:

A good creative design with pertinent content and ease of navigation greatly satisfies a customer. Such satisfied customers form the core of a successful business venture. A pool of loyal customers greatly enhances the chances of an organization to sustain and succeed.

Enhancement of User Interaction:

A good design always ensures a delightful user interaction. As a result, its ability to reach out to potential users improves significantly. This is the single most important factor for startups to invest in UX designing.

Creation of Brand Awareness and Brand value:

When you have a pool of happy and satisfied customers, they come back repeatedly to you. Thus, you are able to create awareness about your brand and can build up its value on it.

UX Design is a Big Money-Saver:

An investment in designing your startups is never a waste. When you are ready with a well-structured app/website at the very beginning of your startup, it would go a long way to reap enormous benefits to you. Being a good quality, up-to-date app/website, it will no longer require much modification, fixing, etc. In the long run, such an app/website will add value to your organization and thus will be able to save your money as well as your time.

By investing in a good UX design, a startup can actually reach to the heart of the users. As a startup, it is very pertinent to make the first impression of your organization count. A good, effective first impression of any company will boost the confidence of the end users. Thus, they will continue to come back to enjoy the experience repeatedly. Such a situation will be ideal for a company to expand and prosper. Besides, a UX designer will help a startup to get the prototype ready even before the start of the development process. It actually helps the entrepreneur in saving money and consequently the costs.

An entrepreneur may be bereft of any idea on how to reach out to his potential customers. UX designers conveniently bridge such gaps between the concept of the business and the audience, the entrepreneur is looking for. It is foolish to think of UX designing as a luxury. It can do wonders even for a small startup. It is not at all about glamorous look only. A UX designer will ensure that the app/website can be used easily by all the targeted audience.

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