Amlan Sarkar

What is a UX audit and why your website needs it

How to go about a UX audit?

You need to engage experts to go for a UX audit. These experts approach methodically to find out the root cause of the difficulties users experienced while interacting with your website. At the conclusion of the UX audit, you will get to know about the necessary actions that are to be taken based upon the result of such UX audit.

There are many facets of a UX audit. We start with the basics first. It has often been seen that due to flaws in the location of buttons, a user can feel greatly inconvenienced. For example, observe the images below:

In the wireframe on the left, the delete button is placed most prominently with respect to its text size and the brightness of its colour whereas the save button is not given much importance. Such a design disaster could lead a user to unintentionally delete something he meant to save. Similarly, in the right wireframe, there is actually no button to unsubscribe. It will be a harrowing experience for a user when he cannot unsubscribe according to his choice and will frustrate him to no end. By going for a detailed UX audit these design flaws can be detected and can be rectified to the delight of the user. A sample image of the right design in the above case is given below for the ready reference of our readers.

We have just discussed some basic problems arising out of the flawed location of buttons. There are other more serious aspects of UX audit. The general usability of a website could be determined by going for a UX audit. Detailed studies in this regard can find out the extent of user engagement with your website. Based upon the result of such user engagement data we can strategize about how more and more people could be attracted to use our website. The feedback generated through the UX audit and the insight gained from such feedback provides us with the right solution to eliminate any deficiencies in the system. It also helps in strengthening of our already successful system.

Benefits of a UX audit

As mentioned earlier, UX design is all about understanding the precise requirement of your user. We need to know how our user experiences every aspect of our product or service. The benefits of a UX audit lies in the fact that it adopts a scientific-methodical process to study your interface and perceive the way users interact and behave with it. Users are supreme in case of UX design. It is important to know the problems they encounter while interacting with your website. Once you realise the problems you can further strategise to remove the loopholes that have crept in your system and can find out solutions to serve your audience better.

UX audit can successfully lower the cost of customer acquirement and customer support cost. It also can substantially increase customer retentivity. All these benefits can be measured in quantitative terms and help increase the revenue of your organisation. In an era of cut-throat competition among the competitors’ such increase in revenue can lead your organization to surge ahead of your all other competitors and can add real value to your client base.

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