Amlan Sarkar

How to make the best of both worlds - UX and CX

To make the best of UX and CX, it is imperative to understand what exactly the meaning of the two words is. While UX is all about the experience users derive from their interaction with your products and services, CX is a comprehensive study of the experiences gathered from the relationship between your customer and your organization. UX is an integral and important part of CX. On the other hand, CX encompasses UX and deals with the entire spectrum of customer satisfaction that goes way beyond the realm of products and services. The relationship between CX and UX is extremely important.

The inter-relation between CX and UX can be assessed from the fact that you may have a satisfying experience while booking an air travel ticket on a website or an app, but you experience a hard time finding a customer service personnel to get your refund after cancellation of your journey ticket. This is a common example of good UX but bad CX. On the other hand, you often find it troublesome to navigate a complicated website, but it so happens that their customer service agent extends all the cooperation needed to solve your problem. This is an example of bad UX but good CX. Both UX and CX go hand in hand. However, they can also work independently.

The interest of a successful business lies with the concept that both UX and CX work together in tandem. A great company cannot be made only with good easy-to-use products until and unless it takes good care of its after-sales requirements. Let us look at the probable course of action by which both UX and CX can be made to work together in perfect synchronization.

Simpler Method of Customer Feedback

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Customers should get easy and uncomplicated access to provide their feedback. They should find the proper channel effortlessly to convey their response regarding the functioning of your product and services. These feedbacks may be collected either through the channels of e-mail, phone, regular mail, or through social media. With the advent of social media as a common and popular tool where customers expressed their responses without any inhibition, it becomes a challenging but worthwhile task to reach out and interact with them. (Also Read: How to Take Meaningful Design Feedback?)


In today’s market of intense and cut-throat competition, customer-specific personalization is the best solution to survive and prosper. The need of the hour is to customize your product and service according to the distinct choices and requirements of your customers. Companies around the world have resorted to crafting their ideas to make products and invent services according to the specific requirement of individual customers. They offer you a range of products based on your particular purchase history. Websites like YouTube and Netflix offer you some unique shows formulated according to the pattern of your watch history. In case you preferred horror films over action or romance, they will flood you with an array of similar types of horror films. Amazon provides you a section named ‘recommended for you’, which offers products based on your previous purchase history. Personalization thus, saves time in searching for your preferred product or service.

Provision of a common platform for communication and coordination between CX and UX

Though it has often been seen that UX individuals usually do not communicate with CX personnel directly, the same is done by the CX teams. People express their opinion on social media very frequently these days. They often point out any anomalies they find on your website or app. These anomalies may be in the form of a bug or an error. The CX people must apprise them about such anomalies and convey the same to the UX unit so that the bug or error, so crept in, could be eliminated. If you create a common platform where both CX and UX sides can communicate freely, exchanging their ideas, problems, and likely remedies to fix it, it will ensure the smooth working of your business. It will also facilitate easy identification of problematic areas and the subsequent measures to rectify the same.

Due importance to be given to the SEO/Digital Marketing team

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Fundamentally, people do not like wasting time searching for the desired website. The visibility of your website on the search engines of the internet, like Google, is of utmost importance. They tend to open the websites which appear on the first page of the search engine. It should be the constant endeavor of your SEO/Digital marketing team to make your website prominently visible on the internet search engines.

From the above content, we get a fair idea of how we can make the best use of UX and CX together. The parameters that directly influence the working of CX and UX are measured in terms of ‘Metrics’. These Metrics are derived by taking different customer surveys. During the customer survey, some specific, pointed question is asked to your customer regarding your product, services, and the customer service you provide. There are many types of surveys, both in respect of CX and UX. Based on these surveys, a quantitative score is determined, which is termed as ‘Metrics’. Both CX and UX are judged based on these metrics on various grounds. The insight thus obtained is applied to work both UX and CX in unison.

It is crucial to note that though UX and CX might be very different from each other, but to keep your business competitive and a delight for your users, it is essential to focus on making the best of both worlds.