Amlan Sarkar

Get comfortable being uncomfortable habits that will make you a better UX designer

Life is a combination of ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, a struggle for existence, survival, and prosperity. The birth of our very own universe has not been a bed of roses. From the very beginning of time, the human race has relentlessly strived to be alive. Nothing could be achieved easily. The harshness of the nature surrounding us, the wild, fierce animals, all made it difficult for us to exist, to survive. However, being the most intelligent species on the earth, the human race endured triumphantly for centuries in this harsh, cruel world amongst all adversaries. As scientist Charles Darwin rightly pointed out, “there is an intense battle for existence and survival among all the living beings of the world.” However, all cannot withstand this fierce battle and only the fittest can survive. Darwin’s theory of adaptation consisting of the famous two lines: “Struggle for survival” and “Survival of the fittest” still holds in our day to day life.

We human beings like to have a pleasant and satisfying life. The UX designers are no exception to this reality. Like everyone else, UX designers also want to enjoy a cosy, comfortable life. However, to achieve such a gratifying living, one has to step out of his comfort zone. Until and unless you try harder, you cannot achieve your desired success. Nothing comes easily, nothing is free. You cannot hope to succeed in your venture, living within the periphery of your comfort zone. You have to make yourself uncomfortable by moving out of your bubble. Once you step out, you strive hard to succeed in your ambition. And once you achieve your desired success, you once again become comfortable. Thus, we can create the adage ‘Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable’.

To make yourself a better UX designer, a better achiever you have to develop certain practices and make yourself accustomed to these habits. You may not find all these stringent habits within the confines of your comfort zone. However, this is how things work out and bring victory.

Be an Early Riser

Most of us are comfortable with an easy-going, leisurely habit of late rising. However, as the saying says ‘Get up an hour earlier to live an hour more’, we need to make a habit of rising early in the morning.

As a UX designer, we create certain goals for our career. These goals may require extensive planning, study, and collection of relevant information for an exquisite design.

The tranquil, early hour of the morning is ideal for such training. We remain fresh and at our innovative best frame of mind in the quietest, early morning hours. The capacity of our brain also functions best during such time. We could be at the top of our game with high energy, clarity of mind, and attentiveness. All of these factors enable us to be our creative best.

Learn to Unwind Yourself

These days, we work round the clock in a loop. Human beings are not machines. We cannot continue to perform forever mechanically. The statement applies to designers as well. UX designing is a highly creative field. It is rather more important to have periodical breaks for designers. The humdrum of work should not, in any way, cause any disturbance to our creativity. The monotony of work should not creep into our mind.

There should be a proper work-life balance. To ensure that we do not suffer the consequences of such a monotonic work environment, we require to unwind us frequently. Such an act will make us rejuvenated and we will be able to concentrate on our work with more energy and freshness of mind.

Make a Conscious Effort to Inspire Yourself

Inspiration can cause havoc. A spirited soul is ready for any challenges he may encounter in his way forward. We can inspire ourselves in various ways. For some people, involvement in charity inspires them. For some others, it may be a new challenging assignment which will inspire them to bring their best. Whatever may be the cause of inspiration, it acts as a catalyst to deliver one’s best. It should be our endeavour to make a conscious effort to motivate ourselves so that we can take the necessary leap into obscurity outside the boundary of the precincts of our comfort.

These are just a few tips that will help you become a better UX designer. For more such tips and tricks related to design, head over to our Instagram page and start following us!