Amlan Sarkar

5 legit ways to kick away the monsoon blues at work

Rains are the much-needed respite from the sweltering summer heat and, we all love the first drops of rain. However, not many of us are fond of the rainy season. The dark, gloomy weather makes us bleak and lethargic.

Our work output is directly proportional to the environment in which we are working. The monsoon often acts as a wet blanket (pun intended!) on our mood, preventing us from operating diligently, and therefore hampers our productivity. Incessant pouring, a cloudy, semi-dark atmosphere makes your surrounding dismal. The melancholic weather bothers your mind, making you feel downbeat and desolate. As a result, your performance at work goes down. We call it the monsoon blues.

Is there a way out to keep this despair at bay? We cannot afford to lose our productivity due to mere environmental interference. We have to keep working effectively to keep everyone fulfilled including our employer as well as our family. As such, it is the need of the hour to devise a strategy to tackle monsoon blues while at work. Let us discuss a few significant remedies to avoid such a scenario.

Wear Some Colour

Color plays an influential role in lifting our spirits. Color is a powerful force which directly affects the soul. Bright, vibrant color is invariably associated with energy and enthusiasm. When the sky is overcast with dark grey clouds hovering all over the horizon, we have to counter its discouraging effect by choosing to wear stimulating, colorful clothes. The sharp contrast between our colorful appearance and the dull, gloomy weather around us, is certain to work wonders and boost our spirit. Red is said to be an efficacious color which stimulates us and makes us more active.

Sweat it Out

Exercise is the answer to all our physical as well as psychological problems. Regular physical workout keeps a person in a robust state of being. People generally become immune to outside distraction, if they stay in a calm, composed, and a peaceful state of mind. We can have our regular workout session at our home as well. It does not need much apparatus or rather any complicated instruments. Freehand exercise or yoga can be done anywhere, any time. Exercise takes care of our physical as well as mental abilities and ensures that we do not get swayed by outside influences such as the monsoon blues. We can simply take the stairs, instead of taking the elevators on our way to the office.

Engage in Creative Activities

We remain at peace, and in a tranquil state of mind, if we engage ourselves in some creative activities. There are plenty of such activities which we can pursue to enjoy the pleasures of life in a free and fun-filled manner. Reading, of course, tops the list of such creative activities. Reading enhances our knowledge. It also satisfies us, as we feel happy after reading a good book. All these things translate into heightened productivity for us. Likewise, we can take up several different hobbies to remain engaged in our spare time. Cooking, painting, gardening, knitting, all these activities that keep your mind occupied in your leisure time, will lead you to enjoy your life to the fullest. In turn, these useful pastimes will further make you more alert, vigilant, and efficient at work, thereby saving you from feeling dispirited.

Stay Positive

There are a variety of ways to reflect upon an incident. One of your relatives may be suffering from a bout of fever. You can state that your relative is down with fever. Conversely, you can indicate that your relative is fighting to overcome a bout of fever. Both sentences convey the same meaning: that your relative is suffering from fever. However, your approach to the situation is altogether different in the two statements. This is called attitude. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. The first sentence communicates a negative attitude and the second sentence is a positive one.

Likewise, we can observe every occurrence from a positive perspective. If we look at the experiences around us with a positive frame of mind, we would be better able to shun the negativity. After all, it is the manner of looking at a particular issue that matters. We would be able to discover positive aspects from every incident if we look at it with an assertive attitude. Monsoon blues is very small distress when confronted with such a positive attitude.

Strive to Get a Comfortable Workplace

While at work, we feel most comfortable at a pleasant level of temperature. The air conditioning, if working, should not be too cold. The level of humidity should also be kept at a satisfactory level. Physical comfort is a must for prolonged productivity and to kick away the monsoon blues altogether. Our body works better in a sunny, warm atmosphere. However, during the rainy season, we hardly get such a desired ambiance. It is the responsibility of the employer to keep his employees in good humor by providing cozy and comfortable conditions inside the workplace. With a relatively congenial environment, employees will be more productive, without being affected by the monsoon blues.

These are some tried and tested tricks to beat up the monsoon blues at work. Do you have any more tricks up your sleeves that can help beat the monsoon blues? Share in the comments below. Alternately, if you are looking to drive away your monsoon blues, head over to our Instagram account and refresh your mind with some creative design inspirations.