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How Benji Prioritized Sustainability

Nobody likes doing households tasks; after all, they are called “chores” for this reason. And to combat such challenges, Benji is a new-age digital solution that aims to take the pain out of keeping up with such responsibilities.

Apart from catering to a wide network of customers, Benji comes with a pleasant twist - it not only offloads these tasks off your shoulders but also infuses sustainability while doing so!

Problem Statement: Launching a New Service in a Completely New Market

Benji is the brainchild of Benjamin Head, who consulted Codesign to realize a service platform that offers a wide range of services, including (but not limited to):

  • Car washing and detailing

  • Garage cleanout

  • Grill degreasing and cleaning

  • Hot tub cleaning

  • Lawn mowing

  • Pressure washing

The purpose of Benji was to connect customers with service providers depending on their expertise.

Given that Benji was an overseas assignment, the primary challenge we faced was barriers to access to the user market. As a result, we were left heavily dependent on the stakeholders’ inputs during the research stage. At the same time, we were required to maintain agility during the digital transformation process so that the existing user base seamlessly adapts to the change in the application. Finally, we were expected to streamline the booking processes and service tracking to eliminate inefficiencies that would otherwise mar the user experience.

The Story of Project Execution and Progress So Far

Once all the work was laid out ahead of us, our teams put these ideas into action. We started by creating an informational architecture, which we discussed with Benjamin and the team during the collaborative breakout sessions.

Upon gaining their approval, we went ahead with outlining the workflows and data flows and analyzing potential competitors of Benji, such as All Terrain Land Clearing (Nashville) and Samudaworth Tree Services (Brooklyn) - which were operating in the same sector

We then made our way to the ideation and wireframing process, where we pitched multiple iterations of the same layouts, features, and functionalities to make them more “on brand.” This stage was followed by the finalization of style scapes and color schemes. Finally, everything was tied together to develop low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes that brought the user journey to life.

While sticking to the original plan, our teams maintained utmost agility to remain flexible and accommodating of any last-minute changes or disruptions. At every stage of the process, the developments were shared with the client, and regular feedback was captured to align the end result with their vision. Weekly calls were scheduled for greater transparency and the clients were apprised of any progress. Such constant updates upped the customer satisfaction levels and allowed us to pivot according to any changing requirements.

After a final review and a trial run, all the assets were handed over

Future Scope for Progress

While lawn mowing and lawn care are the key offerings of Benji at the moment, it promises the immense potential for the inclusion of other microservices in the future. It can evolve into a one-stop home maintenance platform that can connect customers to a wide array of technicians and experts.

Concurrently, Benji’s USP, that is, a step towards reducing CO2 emissions can also be extended to other segments and lend parity in gig economies.

This resultant consumer-led growth paired with the vision of growth through sustainability shall further propel Benji to encompass other services. Plus, the guilt-free indulgence through greater convenience will keep the platform heavily in demand. Changes can be introduced to make the service request placement, tracking, and reporting more seamless, and greater consideration can be given to the user experience. As a result, Benji can effortlessly scale with the demands of a green future!

Client Testimonial

Team Codesign is on the way to greatness. The designed successfully captured the branding of the client's company, meeting their goals and expectations. Team Codesign is detail-oriented and creative, producing quality results. The team communicated and collaborates effectively with clients.
Benjamin Head
Founder GetBenji, Tuned

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